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Cloudbusting: Then and Now
(source: the text is from www.orgonite.info)

In addition to his effective health treatments, Dr. Wilhelm ReichReich with Cloudbuster also utilized his advanced knowledge of discrete energies to build and successfully test a weather modification device called a "cloudbuster", which operated on the principle that clouds are held together by orgone energy, and removing this energy causes clouds to rapidly disintegrate. Reich developed a superior weather prediction model which took into account the otherwise-ignored etheric component of our weather and produced more accurate weather predictions than the popular and incomplete "pressure system" model.

Reich's cloudbuster consisted of a set of turret-mounted metal pipes connected by rubber tubing to a body of water for energetic grounding which would dissipate clouds by draining the orgone energy holding them together and, with careful and time-consuming effort, significantly alter overall weather patterns, in some cases intentionally causing the complete reversal of drought conditions in the desert in a matter of months.

Reich's design was proven very effective as intended, but could also be very dangerous if mis-handled. Large amounts of DOR accumulate in the pipes during operation, and even momentary contact with bare skin has caused some operators everything from intense pain to long-term paralysis, simply from brushing past the pipes with a bare leg.

Don Croft has invented a more advanced, effective and safer version of Reich's cloudbusterCroft Chembuster called a chembuster which combines the original cloudbuster's basic operating principles with the advantages of orgonite.

A typical chembuster consists of 6 six-foot copper pipes embedded in a base of orgonite (typically poured in a paint bucket) with double-terminated quartz crystals in the base of each pipe to create an etheric energy vacuum effect which literally sucks the negative energy from the sky within a several mile radius into the orgonite base where it is then transmuted into harmless, beneficial positive energy. Unlike Reich's cloudbusters, chembusters can be safely left in continuous operation where they will quickly restore and maintain atmospheric energy balance within an area. In drought-stricken regions of the globe, this always occurs in the form of rain sufficient to end the drought conditions. This has been successfully demonstrated in variuos parts of Africa, California and in many other locations around the world by various dedicated individuals.

The infallibly-beneficial nature of orgonite eliminates the need for special training, safety precautions, or rigorous effort to operate a chembuster, since it simply transmutes any negative energy it attracts from the atmosphere while the rest of the device functions as an etheric vortex generator, actively balancing the energy between sky and ground, eliminating smog/air pollution and negatively-charged artificial cloud formations called "chemtrails", replacing their spreading blanket of poisonous DOR clouds with the deep blue skies and puffy white natural clouds we all remember from childhood.

Detailed instructions for building your own chembuster (which costs about $150 USD using all new materials) can be found at the resources section at this site.

Wilhelm Reich: Cloudbuster
This is a short video posted on you tube by EvaPrawn about the original cloudbuster. A brief film re-enacting of a true story about revolutionary scientist and humanitarian Dr. Wilhelm Reich.

Note: The more advanced, effective and safer croft style orgonite cloudbuster is different from Wilhelm Reich's cloudbuster. The orgonite cloudbuster is perfectly safe and does not have the risk of accumulating deadly orgone (DOR). Thousands of orgonite cloudbusters have been made by individuals world wide and have reported great success in keeping the skies free from pollution, smog and chemtrails.

Having problems viewing the video above? A slow internet connection? Below are some alternative links to the same video, uploaded at several other sites:
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Home > Introduction > Cloudbusting: Past & Present

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